Hosting an event is very easy and straightforward.

You simply have to create either a 9 or 18 hole par 3 course on your existing golf course.

This can be done simply by moving the tee markers forward on each golf hole to create a hole shorter than 250 yards.

You then play a strokeplay event from the new tee positions over 18 holes.

If you only have a 9 hole course or you only convert 9 holes to the par 3 set up, you would play 2 loops of 9 to create your 18 hole score.

You can run this at any time that suits the club, as long as the event is completed in time for your winner to make our finals in July 2020.

This does not require any major changes to your course, simply a little creativity and the movement of your tee markers to a suitable point within the desired yardage.

If you would like to host an event at your club, please drop us an email or phone using the contact details below.


Telephone: 07850 985 665